Claire Foy – Golden Globe Winner


Rule Britannia! The Crown’s Claire Foy pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth as she leads winners at Golden Globes… Such a brilliant show to work on – delighted Claire won the Globe. Photo Alex Bailey copyright Netflix.

Me Before You

Doing very well in the cinemas – very good use of AB images!

Nikon D4 For Sale

I’m selling  Nikon 4D – excellent condition on eBay.

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Me Before You


Me Before You

WOW! Real Tear Jerker …. Opens June 3rd … photo credit: Alex Bailey

MB4USo far only Emilia Clarke’s mother has reached out to comment to the star on the new trailer for Me Before You, which has sent Internet audiences worldwide grabbing for their tissues. She thought it “looked great,” as most mothers would. But it’s Clarke’s friends that have already screened the film that are having the greatest effect on the woman best known as Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen. Apparently, exiting the theater red-eyed and puffy is just what she’s looking for.

“I haven’t done a very sad movie before,” says Clarke, calling from Los Angeles where she is doing some press for her upcoming film. “And now I’ve had friends that have seen the movie, are in tears, crying and I’m like, ‘Yay, good, I’m glad, I’m so happy that I’ve made you break down in tears.’ That’s a good sign. We are affecting people! But what a bizarre concept? I wouldn’t normally wish for people to cry.”





Dads Army Movie


Dads Army Movie. Photo Alex Bailey

Daft Phones

I am in South Africa filming in a Game Reserve. Lucky me! Indeed. As I drove in our minibus for the first time in the reserve with five other passengers. We passed Springbok, Gazelles, Hippo and a Rhinoceros NOT that any of my fellow passengers all aged under 30 had noticed as they passed heads facing downwards glaring hopefully with bottom lipped dropping at the inevitable iPhone occasionally commenting on how surprised they were at the quality of the 3G connection. We passed through a small herd of Zebra, close enough to the vehicle that if allowed you could of reached out and touched, fellow passengers still oblivious my heart finally sunk to my boots and I thought I must remember to thank Apple and other smart (daft!) phone makers for reducing what is becoming a worrying amount of Young folk (under 35) of being unable or seemingly uninterested in experiencing the world for themselves first hand who are also utterly unable to engage in a conversation longer than 90 seconds before referring to their phone comforter. Please put the bloody things down for just a few hours a day lift up you heads and look around you, absorb your world first hand not through the 3G plastic not so fantastic hand set. And go on try it…. You might enjoy it …. Find it enlightening …. That is: Engage in conversation yes conversation its when two or more speak longer to each other than a minute with out reaching for the cell phone.  Choose subjects like: Conservation, the migrant crisis, politics or may be how we are becoming brainwashed by hand held devices and living our lives second hand!