More Blimp talk

From Larry Horricks

There is something called Shutter-bubble that looks very slick but rather unwieldy…i think the main reason to go to an aquatech would be if is significantly better ergonomically…because i doubt it will be significantly quieter than a Jacobson…since most of the sound comes out the lens tubes I doubt there is much more that can be done that Jacobson has not sorted.  I agree that its a worry thatthe aqatech seems to be rather body specific and not all that easy to refit for different bodies…its things like this when i miss shooting with my film bodies…i shot with dame bodies and lenses for years…still have my F4’s and F5’s and even a nice set of old Manual focus Nikon Glass….ooooh that 180mm 2.8!!!  they do seem to be interested in working with us on requests so thats a plus…I think Mark still makes a good product but it doesnt hurt to have competition out there.  I dont like the look of the fatboy it seems kind of clumsy and the shutter release seems awkward.  For now
Im sticking with my Jacobson and will see when Canon come out with their new 1DMKV and 5DMKIII models…I have considering a switch back to Nikon since the D3S just dominates in low light but was holding out to see if Cannon comes up with something that competes with the D3S…then I’ll decide on a new blimp scenario.

2 thoughts on “More Blimp talk

  1. Just an update here all…I just received a very prompt and encouraging response from the mastermind behind of one of the new Blimp Designs the “Shutter Bubble”…..i must say I was very impressed and I think he is really thinking about the right issues…

    I was concerned about the initial photos of the Shutter Bubble and looking like it wouldn’t have any strap handles or the ability to attached shoulder/neck straps…seems it wont be a worry……I’m going to give Shutter Bubble a serious look as I think they are thinking longevity re inter-changeability of bodies and their modular design principle. Here are the highlights of what Shannon had to say re his product and some of my questions:
    *There will be straps. A strap on the grip and a shoulder strap. The band of the body is designed with a thick wall to house threaded inserts.
    they can be placed wherever each customer wants them exactly. Some people will want them and some may not. The great thing is they can
    be specific to the individual.

    *ShutterBubble body dimensions will never change. we will be able to just change the interior foam inserts from body to body. If there is major
    change in body design within name brand, we would just have to change the back body piece if we need to accommodate any change in view finder placement.

    *Seems the ShutterBubble will be all modular. When a body is produced holes are drilled and inserts are installed for all of the parts. For example, if something happens to
    a hinge (doubtful because they are injected nylon) but if something did happen we would simply unscrew the old and put on the new.

    *everything will be modular to avoid us from having to send our gear in for service. We need something new, just let them know, and they send it out and
    we can easily make the changes ourselves

    *Tubes will have 95mm Zeikos filter in an anti reflection ring at the end of the tubes.

    *”Currently you will not be able to change camera functions with body closed on ShutterBubble. To me, these are easy modifications! My focus has always been SOUND,ERGONOMICS and WEIGHT.
    Modifying the back piece and adding buttons seems like an easy thing to do. Not everyone prefers this though. I think it is smarter to have a solid performing stock model and then add bells
    and whistles specific for each customer”.


    Looks Like Shutterbubble is just a couple weeks away from being ready to demo…I’m staying in touch with them and will keep everyone here posted….I suggested he make London a stop on his Demo tour and Shannon seems keen to do so.

  2. Larry and Alex – Thanks so much for the additional information sadly you’re not making my decision any easier! I loved the look of the Fatboy until I read some comments online, then the Aquatech was looking particularly sexy given the feedback coming through from proud new owners and now the Shutter Bubble just sounds better an better!

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