Blimp Talk

I have just been checking up on the new Aquatech blimp…….. Still says on their web site that tubes are yet to come… so we are still waiting!!! But another interesting development. I met a fellow the other day who is about to launch a new Blimp. …. Designed by a camera man for camera man. He has promised a trial version. So may name is on the list for sure. It is amazing 30 + years and only one make on tem market and now there could be three. Although nothing has quite materialized yet other than the Aquatech Body…. But no Tubes!! as 70% + of the sound comes down the lens barrel….. Perhaps they are struggling with??? Or not!!!??? Any way for the time being I have my 100% reliable thoroughly tried and tested Jacobson blimp…. On another blimp related issue: Blimp Ghosting i shall call it. Think on this: Lots of glass in a cameras lens…… Another filter on blimp front…… The Chip in a digital camera =reflections and ghosting images especially when you have bright highlights behind the subject such as bright windows…. Lamps……… and candles………. annoying but no real answer…..

2 thoughts on “Blimp Talk

  1. Hi Alex, are you talking about another contender beyond the Fatboy? I’m currently in the market for my first blimp. I’m considering either the Aquatech or the Fatboy at the moment, but I want something that will outlive my camera bodies.

    The Aquatech looks great, but I’m concerned that they are going to be too model specific. I’m hoping for the longetivity of the Jacobsons but with better ergonomics.

    Either way thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Follow up – Apparently some photographers in NY had the opportunity to test the new Aquatech with both a D3 and 5D with pretty positive results.

    The discussion is just kicking off in the facebook “Unit Photographers / Publicists for Film and Television” group ( I just discovered the group and have been very impressed at the level of activity there. It’s worth checking out!

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