New Blimp to the market


AquaTech’s new sound blimp virtually eliminates camera noise, and is designed for use on movie sets, sound stages and theaters, quiet sports venues, courtrooms and wildlife photography.

Recently performed independent anechoic chamber lab tests demonstrated a 98% reduction in camera noise!

Polyurethane construction makes it 19% lighter than our competitors’. The controls are fabricated of stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum and high-strength plastic. The Aquatech sound blimp is not to be used in the water.

Six models fit a wide variety of Canon and Nikon cameras, and all feature a tripod mount,  a single quick-release clip w/safety latch, shutter release and interchangeable lens tube system (required).  New AquaTech Lens Tubes will be availabe soon.

Hector Javkin posted this new blimp on my old blimp thread, so figured I would bump it up. They are on pre-order at B&H and will be very curious to see how they perform:
Coming from a company that does sport housings, I would guess the camera operation part is probably far, far better than a Jacobson blimp. Will be curious to see what the sound deadening performance is like. If it’s as good as a Jacobson, maybe they will finally get off their butts and do some real product updates….

7 thoughts on “New Blimp to the market

  1. Very curious to see how this performs.

    The lens tubes are nowhere to be seen, though, which is strange considering the housings have been unveiled. I wonder how much the tubes will cost?

    A question for Alex (and all of Alex’s readers and commenters):

    Do you think this product will be successful? One of the reasons I think Jacobson has had no real competition over the decades is because the demand is not there to sustain another business making blimps.

    It will be interesting to see how this product’s success takes shape in the industry.

  2. “Stu

    The tubes are being released later on. The camera housing is meant to reduce noise by 98%.”

    I’m very intrigued to see if this works. It seems like a lot of noise comes out from around the base of the lens barrel in a Jacobson, so naturally, I would love to see one of these new Aquatech blimps in action.

    Alex, are you planning on getting one?

    • Hi Mike
      Thanks for your continued interest and contribution to my blog… Yes will have to take a gamble and get…. I am sure it is not to much of a risk Aquatech are a well established reputable company they have answered my questions very quickly. Will have to have a go.
      Very Best

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