Movie Photos – Digital Workflow – Join in………….

photo: Alex Bailey from Brighton Rock. Copyright Optimum releasing

I am well progressed on a follow-up e-book publication to Movie Photos called: Movie Photos Digital Workflow. Which deals with my day-to-day digital work-flow. The publication also relates to traditional photographic techniques where relevant to the daily use of digital capture. This is in response to comments I have heard from young photographers about how they wish they had some knowledge of film practices particularly when it transcends to digital. Having run some early drafts in front of a few colleagues it seems this publication will also appeal very much to those interested in pursuing a career as a professional photographer in any area of performance related photography, such as music, theatre, TV and Film  as the routine and considerations described have a broad application.  At this stage I would love to hear any comments or content suggestions that people may have….. For your information the type of topics covered are: Colour temp, Exposure, Metering, Shutter speed, Aperture, ASA – light sensitivity, CF Cards, Mega Pixels, Low light, Raw Recording, Sensor cleaning, Lenses, Daily download, File Management, Lighting for Digital, Selecting and editing, Edit –Technical, Edit – Composition, Selecting – Clients, Selecting – Portfolio.

It would be great to hear any suggestions or questions you are interested in or would like answered in the e-book. Go on get involved its for you any way…………

8 thoughts on “Movie Photos – Digital Workflow – Join in………….

  1. Hello Mr. Bailey,

    I was thinking that perhaps you could focus on pricing, or your thought process behind how much to charge for certain areas of the market. Many times we learn the technical aspect of things well enough, but learning the business aspect (making money) is underrepresented.

    An ebook: Is there a particular reason behind this? Will a hard copy be available?

    Take care,

    • Hi Mike
      Very good suggestion some guidance re: Pricing would be a valuable addition. Thank you.
      E-book?? Yes! Cost…… To date we have still not re-couped half the cost of Movie Photos!! Plus it takes quite a bit of looking after mailing out. but…. more to the point the e-book will be far more text driven. I do not think picture books are best as e-books but unlike movie photos there not so much need for illustration. There will still a certain amount of images. File sharing always a problem but mainly my audience are photographers rather than students who are more likely to file share? Yeah…. but is cost which is the number one drawback. Thanks for your input and interest as ever and a great suggestion …… Thats In…. Cheers.

  2. Very excited to see that we’ll have a follow-up soon.

    Just a thought–there are print-on-demand publishers that you might potentially use to publish the followup in print if you so wish.

    Here’s one based in the US, and I know they do business in the UK:

    Either way, I will be supporting you by buying a copy, be it digital or print.

    One suggestion on what you might touch on is navigating the various Unions and trade groups one would get involved with. Here in the U.S., I’m busy trying to get the work days to be eligible for the IATSE Local 600, and joining is a very cryptic and labyrinthine experience.

    Thanks for all you’ve done–can’t wait to get my hands on your next work!

    • Hi Mike
      Thanks….. I looked into print on demand before when I did MP’s initial outlay is less but price per copy makes it not viable to sell especially working on the basis Amazon take 60% of the cover price so do book shops. The only way to make a book pay is outlay for numbers to get the unit cost down at least 3000++ copies!! The fact is books are very hard to make money from especially a niche one such as mine. To be honest you are really just doing it for the sake of the profession!
      Thanks for another very good suggestion, but…. We are non union in the UK so. I know nothing about it.
      Thanks again

      • For the sake of the profession indeed! What a niche this is. Hopefully you will, at some point, re-coup the costs and profit from the work you’ve done with Movie Photos. I for one can’t wait for the e-book.

        I’m blown away that you are non-union in the UK. The process I have go through to simply become eligible to join, let alone actually join, is going to be years long! Sheesh! Maybe I should come to the UK…?

  3. Wow, This is a small industry, or is everyone just a tightwad..I found it a really useful book.
    Certainly workflow is interesting. Everyone seems to have their own way of doing it. File Naming formats is a good topic e.g. how many fields you can have before it’s too big for someones archiving database. Keeping track of derivative files etc.
    Put me down for copy.

  4. Hi Alex,

    Delighted that you are bringing out a follow up book, really looking forward to reading that e-version or otherwise. Will you be touching on the subject of printing and the “digital darkroom”? I am interested as printing seems to be a thing of the past these days and yet when I first studied photography it was 50% about composition and light and 50% what you did in the darkroom to enhance your work. However, any work undertaken these days is just uploaded, edited and handed over in a digital format for use on websites etc. What is your take on this?

    Sarah McKenna

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